Working Group 6

Network communication and dissemination of results


This WG will enhance the uptake and implementation of the results through dissemination and outreach activities.



  • Task 6.1

    Organise kick-off and WG meetings and inter-WG knowledge exchange sessions (in person, online or hybrid) to align researchers and stakeholders across WGs and foster interand trans-disciplinary collaborations and identify new funding opportunities;

  • Task 6.2

    Create a website and a twitter/Linkedin page to include all the information generated in the COST action;

  • Task 6.3

    Design of a logo, which must appear in all dissemination activities;

  • Task 6.4

    Invite new members to the SUSTAIN network to fill gaps identified in expertise/stakeholder engagement. The Action will support ECI, PhD students and ITC representation and gender balance and will promote the inclusion of new members from the industry;

  • Task 6.5

    Collection of data to support an e-platform for knowledge creation and sharing to be used as a multi decision support system;

  • Task 6.6

    Create teaching materials;

  • Task 6.7

    Organise satellite meetings at relevant conferences to disseminate SUSTAIN results;

  • Task 6.8

    Present research results at third party conferences;

  • Task 6.9

    Organise final outreach events, to be carried out after the final WG meeting, with scientists and key stakeholders.


  • D6.1

    Kick-off and annual meetings of the Action (M0-6, 12-18, 24-30, 36-42);

  • D6.2

    A website including communication and dissemination materials (M0-6);

  • D6.3

    A logo for all dissemination tools (M0-6);

  • D6.4

    Local workshops directed to relevant stakeholders (see 2.2.2.) (M0-48);

  • D6.5

    Creation of an e-platform for knowledge creation and sharing to be used as a multidecision support system (M18-42);

  • D6.6

    Creation of teaching material (M18-36);

  • D6.7

    Dissemination of SUSTAIN results (M7-12, 18-24, 30-36, 42-48);

  • D6.8

    Participation at third-party conferences/workshops for ECIs and students, especially those from ITCs (M12-18, 24-30, 36-42);

  • D6.9

    Organisation of final outreach events (M42-48)



COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. Our Actions help connect research initiatives across Europe and enable scientists to grow their ideas by sharing them with their peers. This boosts their research, career and innovation.

COST Action CA22144

Salinisation, the accumulation of water-soluble salts in the soil, is one of the major causes of soil degradation affecting 833 million hectares of land and 1.5 billion inhabitants worldwide. However, these lands can be used by applying saline agriculture, involving soil, water and salt-tolerant crop management methods.

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