STSM Grant

Short Term Scientific Mission Grants

STSM Call 2024

Call opens: 1/02/2024
Call deadline: 1/03/2024
Decision communication: by 15/03/2024
Period to organize the STSM:
15/03/2024 – 30/06/2024
Report delivery deadline: 15/07/2024

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STSM Call 2024

Call opens: 10/04/2024
Call deadline: 10/05/2024
Decision communication: by 25/05/2024
Period to organize the STSM:
25/05/2024 – 15/09/2024
Report delivery deadline: 1/10/2024

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STSM Call 2024

Call opens: 03/07/2024
Call deadline: 25/07/2024
Decision communication: by 31/07/2024
Period to organize the STSM: 1/08/2024 – 15/09/2024
Report delivery deadline: max 2 weeks after STSM conclusion
Duration: minimum 5 working days (no maximum)
Funding: maximum € 4000 per successful applicant

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These scientific missions allow researchers involved in a COST Action to visit an institution or laboratory in any country in the world. Their aim is to foster collaboration and share new techniques and research infrastructure that may not be available in a participant’s home institution or laboratory. STSMs provide a good opportunity for both young and experienced researchers looking for mentoring and lifelong learning. The COST Action entitled Sustainable use of salt-affected lands (SUSTAIN) is accepting applications for two calls of short-term scientific missions (STSM) taking place in the following periods: 15/03/2024 – 30/06/2024 and 25/05/2024 – 15/09/2024
The STSM has to be completed by the periods indicated and the report submitted by the deadlines reported in the calls. Funding is subjected to the achievement of the expected outputs and contribution to the Action MoU objectives and deliverables and to the respect of provided deadlines:
the STSMs must contribute to the scientific objectives of one or more SUSTAIN’s Working Groups. Please find more information on the activities of the COST Action SUSTAIN, CA21144 at To participate to this call please fill the Template available at:

After the STSM:

  • Complete a Summary Report within 2 weeks from the end of your STSM using the report Template available at:
  • The submission of a Summary Report within 2 weeks of the end of your STSM is a condition of the award and is required to receive the funds.
  • If a publication results, we request that you send us two copies and that you credit the Programme in a note or footnote, as follows: “[Your name], via a short-term scientific mission from COST Action SUSTAIN, CA21144, supported by COST (European Coopera on in Science and Technology)”.

If you have questions about the grant applications, get in touch with SUSTAIN’s Grant Awarding Coordinator, Giulia Atzori, [email protected].



COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. Our Actions help connect research initiatives across Europe and enable scientists to grow their ideas by sharing them with their peers. This boosts their research, career and innovation.

COST Action CA22144

Salinisation, the accumulation of water-soluble salts in the soil, is one of the major causes of soil degradation affecting 833 million hectares of land and 1.5 billion inhabitants worldwide. However, these lands can be used by applying saline agriculture, involving soil, water and salt-tolerant crop management methods.

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